The NEW Three Strand Prodigy Rope Now in Stock

PRODIGY Rope (Head)
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Relentless Red 51
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AVAILABLE DECEMBER 2014/Watch Trevor with the new TNT rope at the 2014 NFR

TNT is the newest 4-strand, nylon poly rope in the Relentless Arsenal. Headers will love how fast and easy the first swing comes with this small diameter rope that has huge tip weight. Heelers on the other hand will feel a full-bodied, smooth swinging, rope with one of the biggest diameters twisted by Cactus.

“Cactus and I wanted to develop the perfect small diameter rope that would be extremely easy to get up on the first swing and still have a lot of tip weight for maximum accuracy. The TNT is what we engineered. I’ve used it and won with it during the last part of this season.” -Trevor Brazile

  • Introducing the new 3-strand, 100% nylon Prodigy. This rope combines snap, body, tip weight, and a consistent feel into a medium diameter rope. The Prodigy is the perfect 3-strand complement to the TNT, Xplosion, and C4
  • 31'
  • 3-Strand
  • Small Diameter
  • Nylon Poly Blend
  • Be Legendary in the RED Relentless Pro Fitted Cap. Only 15 left in stock.
    Colors: Red
    Sizes: S/M
    S/M fits hat size to 7 1/4

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