Saddle Pad FAQ's

Trevor Brazile's Relentless Saddle Pads all contain gel inserts for comfort. Aside from size and color, there are other differences to consider:

Felt has extraordinary wicking properties, superior thermal insulating properties, is highly absorbent, wear resistant and is a renewable and environmentally friendly resource. Most Western saddle pads are made up of single layers of felt up to 1”+ thick or combined with other materials such as shock absorbing foam and cotton top layers for aesthetics.

The most traditional material, wool disperses heat, naturally breathes, and eliminates friction and bounce. The wool felt pads are more absorbent than the fleece. In addition a wool felt will tend to stay a bit better than the fleece.

Relentless Saddle Pads are not cut out.

With so many choices, how can you pick the right pad? The variables are provided by you, your horse, your chosen discipline, the amount of time spent in the saddle, and your type of saddle. Science and experience has shown that there are horses that prefer a denser pad, fluffier pad or need some type of correction pad between themselves and the saddle. In all cases, the saddle needs to fit properly as pads are not meant to fix saddle fitting problems on a long term basis.

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